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Sawing Academics

A good conversation is usually defined as one where there is a healthy back and forth between parties, and everyone comes away with more knowledge than they had prior to the conversation. Gaining that knowledge highlights the importance of being a go... Read More

Centennial Celebration

When August Behringer established a small workshop in Kirchardt, Germany, in 1919, it was little more than a general-purpose mechanical shop where he dabbled in, among other things, fixing bicycles and motorcycles. But by the 1930s, he’d hit his st... Read More

Wrap It, Strap It, Secure it

Mills, fabricators and metal service centers are constantly challenged to ensure safe and productive operations. Fortunately, bandsaws and other cut-off machines come with guards and other safety devices to ensure operators don’t get injured on the... Read More

The Fluid Factor

Choosing the right saw involves a number of factors – especially when investing in a solution that can meet the needs of today as well as tomorrow. The process involves a careful look at the material being cut and the expectations regarding the qu... Read More

175 Years of Innovation

In 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first electrical telegram. That same year, one of the world’s most famous philosophers, Friederich Nietzsche, was born in Germany. It was also in 1844 that the Kasto workshop was established by carpenter Karl Stolzer ... Read More
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