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Cutting With Confidence

Like most companies that have a 60-plus year history, a lot has changed since Metal Cutting Service (MCS) was established in 1956. New materials have hit the market and new methods of working with those materials have been developed. Meeting its curr... Read More

Documenting Results

Fabricators and welders are likely aware of using documented cost savings initiatives as a way to satisfy requests for proposals and purchases. Documented cost savings programs have become increasingly popular in recent years and in some cases are a ... Read More

Circular Science

For high-volume production, keeping up with demand requires a new approach to cutting metals, including the sawing operations. While the bandsaw has been the go-to machine for many manufacturers, the circular cold saw is gaining a lot of interest due... Read More

Starting from Scrap

The next time you’re in Minneapolis and looking for something to do, you might hop into your rental car and drive west for about two hours. It’s there that you’ll find Willmar, a city of 20,000 and the heart of Kandiyohi County. If you like to ... Read More

Hazardous Cutting

Innovation is often achieved when one is confronted with a challenging problem. Imagine being approached with a job that called for a saw to cut through radioactive materials. And on top of that, imagine if the saw needed to be dismantled and passed ... Read More
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