December 2018 Issue

Industry News

Simonds Saw Introduces Steel-cutting Blades


Simonds Saw released SBX-One bandsaw blades for the structural steel market. In developing the product, the company conducted prototyping and testing with select customers, which led to a faster, stronger and quieter blade. SBX-One, which stands for Structural Blade Extreme, is for cutting cross-sections while avoiding pinching. The blades specifically address industry needs for durable structural steel cutting, as well as the needs articulated by the next generation of bandsaw operators. Users particularly appreciate the product’s high durability and low sound.

Kinkelder Offers New Circular Saw Blades


Dutch saw blade manufacturer Kinkelder presents new HSS circular saw blades. The HSS Advanced series makes use of new grinding machines, newly developed PVD coating concepts and new insights gained in R&D projects. Three distinct grinding concepts (Fusion, Power and X-treme) each serve specific market demands for high-production output, optimized surface finish and low costs per cut. Also, two new PVD coatings have been developed that incorporate the best features of the company’s coatings. Due to the combination of a low friction coefficient and high-temperature resistance, high cutting speeds and feeds can be achieved.

Kasto Launches Remote Monitoring


Kasto Inc. expanded its service spectrum with VisualAssistance, which allows customers and service staff to connect using video and audio streams. The heart of the system is an interactive app for tablets, smartphones or smart glasses. Users and engineers share the same field of view in real time. The app also enables Kasto experts to provide visual assistance and to superimpose markings, for example, on the live video. The customer receives all necessary information directly on his display by means of augmented reality while he is carrying out maintenance or repair work on site.

DoAll Unveils High-production Bandsaws


The DC-620CNC Hercules II high-production, horizontal CNC enclosed bandsaws from DoAll Sawing Products are highly efficient, automatic, hydraulically controlled machines. The saws feature optimum cutting performance through the use of ballscrew technology for material indexing and head feed. Other features include precise automatic indexing, Siemens “smart” controls and a material library. A variety of optional accessories are available for customization. Rectangle capacity is 24.5 in. by 21.5 in. and round tube capacity is 21.5 in.

Simonds Saw Engages Next Generation of Users


Simonds Saw launched a new loyalty program for its bandsaw users that will allow the company to create high-quality educational tools and develop products that speak specifically to users’ needs. Twice a year, Simonds will reach out to the members of its S.O.B. (Simonds Outstanding Blade) loyalty program to uncover the skills bandsaw users wish to acquire, as well as understand the ways they learn best and what would best serve their needs. Members will be incentivized to join with the promise of a free Simonds gift every quarter.