December 2019 Issue

Industry News

Safety Products From Milwaukee Tool


Milwaukee Tool’s line of personal safety solutions includes an extension of its glove offering. Impact Demolition gloves are built with enhanced TPR on the back of the fingertips and palms. With an ANSI/ ISEA level 2 impact rating, the gloves offer protection for users at risk of hand and finger injury. The new standard creates clear definitions for full back of hand protection. High-Visibility Polyurethane Dipped gloves are available in ANSI cut levels 2, 3 and 4. They incorporate a breathable, lightweight back for better fit and a nitrile reinforcement between the thumb and forefinger for better protection.

Buehler Debuts Sectioning Saw


Buehler, a division of Illinois Tool Works, released the AbrasiMet M medium sectioning saw. The types of samples cut include automotive drive trains, gears, crankshafts and engine components. The saw is for heavy use and for labs that rely on sample cutting for production quality control and inspection of parts up to 25 in. in the chamber. The compact manual saw has a powerful 5.5-hp motor that can accommodate 10 in. and 12 in. blades with a maximized cutter chamber space and sliding hood for sample preparation in any work environment.

Starrett Improves Hole Saws


The L.S. Starrett Co. released an improved version of Deep Cut bi-metal hole saws with a distinct variable pitch tooth design that features a pattern of seven progressive teeth called NVP Tech (New Variable Pitch). This new tooth pattern, along with a special tooth set, delivers fast, aggressive cutting action. The saws are for cutting thicker material and feature a high-performance tooth material with extra cobalt for enhanced heat and wear resistance. The saws have a hole depth of 2 in. and are for cutting metal or tubes with a wall thickness of more than 1/8 in.

Blm Group Offers Tube Sawing


BLM Group USA’s TS72 universal cold sawing CNC system for cutting tubes, bars and profiles features an automatic axis control function that enables automated changeover for non-stop, unattended production. Suited to small batch sizes, all adjustments and cutting parameters – material, blade type and tube dimensions – are automatic so there is zero downtime. The saw can process tubes up to 4 in. outer diameter and part lengths up to 177 in. Round, rectangular, flat oval and other shapes SIMONDS SAW RELEASES can be loaded without special equipment.

Simonds Saw Releases BI-metal Blades


Simonds Saw developed four new bi-metal bandsaw blades for general purpose cutting, production cutting, structural steel cutting and exotic alloy cutting. The company’s current general purpose commodity and production bandsaw blades, Dieband, Broadband and Blockbuster, will be phased out in favor of Epic GP. Broadband and IC Enduro, other existing general purpose commodity bandsaw blades, will be phased out in favor of SBX GP. X51, the existing product for production cutting of tough steel and high-nickel alloys, will be phased out in favor of SiClone XP.